Essential Digital Skills

With more and more businesses and organisations going completely digital, it’s important that you acquire new digital skills. We have prepared a booklet called Essential Digital Skills which sets out the most impotant of these. You can consult it by following the links below.  Each page contains links to the slides from one or more of our Tech Talks which looks at the issues in more detail.

The booklet is also available in paper form – just ask for a copy.

The material is derived from the Essential Digital Skills Framework published by the Department For Education in April 2019, which can be found at

Each of the following documents is divided into pages. Move your mouse over the top of the page (within the border) and a bar will appear. Click the down arrow at the left-hand side of the bar to go to the next page, and the up arrow to go back.

Foundation Skills

You need to have these basic skills, which underpin everything else.

Handling information and content

The skills you need to find, manage and store digital information and content securely.

Problem solving

These skills will help you to find solutions to problems using digital tools and online services.


One of the most important aspects of staying safe online is the use of good passwords. This section shows to how to chose and manage them.


These are the skills you need to communicate, collaborate, and share information.


You need these skills to register and apply for services, buy and sell goods and services, and administer and manage transactions online.

Being safe and legal online

You need to understand that there are risks and threats involved in carrying out activities online and security is important.

Dictionary of on-line terms

If you want to look up the meaning of a word or phrase you don’t understand, look at our simple dictionary