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While COVID restrictions apply, we are providing assistance remotely by phone and video calls.

Phone us on 07799 371329 or email silvercitysurfers@gmail.com

We expect to resume our normal sessions when safe to do so.

January Tech Talk

Join us for our January tech talk where Aberdeen City Council will be telling us all about how to access their services online. More and more services are switching to digital and we want to make sure that our learners don’t get left out of the loop. Blue badge applications are also now completely on line and cannot be accessed through paper forms. Come along to find out more. We’ll be in the basement of the Citadel on Tuesday 14th January, talk starts at 1.30pm.

November Tech Talk

Our next Tech Talk will be presented by tutor Graham Castle, who will be demonstrating the benefits of investing in a smart speaker.

Graham tells us that “Smart speakers are subject to derision and ridicule as well as personal security concerns however they have real practical uses for older people. Technology changes at an incredible pace and some older people struggle with keyboards, touch screens and smartphones but almost everyone can speak. To use a smart speaker all you need to do is speak to it! Smart speakers can help older people maintain their independence and provide close family, who may be caring for older people, with reassurance that their loved ones are not in need of assistance. These devices are particularly useful for 70 and 80 year old people who have no computer skills, poor eyesight, early onset dementia, poor short term memory or a physical disability that prevents them from using other technology devices. Smart speakers are affordable often being on sale for around £25, so it’s not much of a risk to give one a try. Some smart speakers also give you free UK landline and mobile phone calls so it won’t take long to recoup your investment.”

Come along to our talk on Tuesday 12th November to find out more!

October Tech Talk

Our next tech talk is Anti-virus and other software to keep you safe online. This topic was requested by several of our learners so should be a popular one. Jim Hunter will be guiding us through whether or not our devices need a flu-jab or an app and chatting through anti-virus software. Come and find out what it all means at The Citadel on Tuesday 8th October. Talk starts at 1:30pm and we will be in the basement where we have the tearoom at the Citadel sessions. We look forward to seeing you there.

September Tech Talk with Lisa from Action on Hearing Loss

September Tech Talk with Lisa from Action on Hearing Loss

Our first tech talk after our break was with Lisa from Action on Hearing Loss. We had a fab afternoon listening to the different kinds of tech that are available to people experiencing hearing loss and lots of our learners stayed afterwards for their free hearing test. Keep your eyes peeled for news of our October talk.

Tech talks

Tech talks

We are taking a break from our tech talks over the summer, but we will be back in September. If you have a topic you would like to suggest, contact our coordinator silvercitysurfers@gmail.com or call us on 07799 371329