Schools Project

Intergenerational Schools Squad Project

We’re currently working within Aberdeen City Centre.  Ferryhill Primary School’s P7 pupils are learning about the 1940s from older people within their Community whilst sharing technology skills with them.

Our project is looking at the using technology within the areas of Communicating, Music, Photography and Shopping. We’re comparing this to what would’ve happened in the 1940s. We’ve got plenty of help from Volunteers and Business and have a storytelling event planned at the fabulous Ferryhill Community Centre for November 2016.

In April 2016 we involved over 100 individuals to celebrate EU Solidarity between Generations Day. There were ‘Tecky Tea Parties’ across Aberdeen as pupils supported each other and older people to engage with technology.

The success of our Intergenerational work was reflected at the recent Children’s and Young People’s Awards – Working within Communities. Harlaw Academy and Bramble Brae pupils were nominated for their respective projects.

Deja, a pupil within Cummings Park who has been part of the ‘Schools Squad’ lead by Chris Dunhill and then the follow on project ‘Generation Games’ lead by Donna Sim said:

 “I have really enjoyed being part of the Silver City Surfers I am honoured to be nominated.  I have been part of the project for 4 years and it has changed my life.  I loved every second, week, month and year I love it . Helping with the older people has given me experience and I really want to be part of the Silver City Surfers when I grow up . Meeting Kenny , Bob, Kathy , Blanche, Sheila and many more!”

Previously, P5 pupils from Scotstown and their ‘Silver Surfers’ invented new games and then made them to play. They engaged with technology to do research and looked at games that were played 50 to 70 years ago. From online maths and storytelling apps to playing Ludo, dominoes, draughts, shove ha’penny and ‘Magic Robot’. Everyone learned together and made great connections within their Community.

The trustees of the Crerar Hotel Trust kindly quoted, ‘It was a real pleasure and privilege to see such spirit very much alive with Silver City Surfers and their desire for bringing the young and old together in simple and effective ways. What encouraged the panel about this project was the realism being applied as to what would make their community better than it is today. The simple classes that give older people a chance to teach the younger skills that are valuable but are being lost in exchange for the older people being helped by the younger to be more savvy with the new and fast modern world that we now live in. The presenters were very clear on what they would use the funds for and why that was important. They were extremely passionate, knowledgeable and also well organised with effective systems in place to deliver well for their community.’  Crerar Hotels Trust

We are grateful to the Crerar Hotels Trust who are funding our Intergenerational work.

Crerar Hotels Trust