Information Sessions 2015

Month Talk Title Synopsis
Dec 2015 How to search the WWW A fun afternoon learning how to search the World Wide Web to find the information you want. In our case, the answer to our Christmas quiz questions.
Nov 2015 How Your Tablet Works A ‘No Fear’ Guide to Bits and Bytes. This talk explains how the simple ‘bit’ can be used for all sorts of purposes – numbers, characters on a screen, pixels in a picture, and much more, and how simple instructions tell the tablet what to do.
Oct 2015 Digital Creativity As part of Luminate Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival, this talk discussed and demonstrated how modern technology can be used to create digital art, music, blogging, photography and video.
Sept 2015 Aberdeen City Libraries – Online Resources Our guest presenter and local studies librarian, David Oswald, spoke on the wealth of online resources provided by Aberdeen City Libraries.

The talk examed highlights from the wide range of high quality digital resources offered for free by the library service and look at how they can be accessed.

August 2015 How To Be An Energy Tariff Saver This talk discussed the best online energy deals and how to find them. The talk covered:

  • Why you should go online shopping for a new energy deal regularly.
  • How to find the best energy deal for your needs online.
  • What is involved in changing energy supplier online.
  • How to save you money!
July 2015 Taking & sharing photos (tablets) This talk will demonstrate how to use your tablet’s camera to take photographs you will be proud of and then how to share them with friends and family using the Internet all of which is FREE wherever you are in World (provided you can find a cafe, hotel etc. that has free WiFi). We will even show you how to make sure that you never lose any of your precious photographs ever again.
June 2015 Unleash your Tablet & Make it Sing. This talk is based upon how to use your tablet app store to find and download free music streaming apps. It explores how to use your tablet app store and why you should experiment with apps for your tablet
May 2015 Library eMagazine Service


The public library run a free emagazine service which is really easy to use and could save you quite a lot of money each month if you regularly buy printed magazines. This talk shows you how to use the library emagazine service on computers, tablets and smartphones.
April 2015 Getting You & Your Tablet Organised Few older people are aware of how with a wee bit of organisation their Tablet computer can be made much easier to use and how their Tablet can become their personal assistant and aide memoire. This talk is aimed at informing older people about how to get both their Tablet and themselves organised.
March 2015 Living in a Google Cloud Google Chromebook – the ideal personal computer for an older person? Introduction to Google Chromebooks and Google Cloud service and why they might be ideal for you.
Feb 2015 Online Grocery Shopping How to maintain your independence by doing your grocery shopping online.
Jan 2015 Laptop or Tablet? Which is best for you. Advice upon how to select a personal computer to suit your needs.