Information Sessions

Silver City Surfers present monthly inspirational technology talks to generate interest in getting online amongst the elderly on the second Monday of each month.  Check Events page for venue details.

Technology TalksThese talks generally take the form of a short presentation followed by a mini-workshop staffed by our volunteer tutors. A list of the topics we have already presented is shown below. Our presenter of these popular sessions, Graham Castle, is more than happy to repeat these talks, upon request, to interested groups e.g. Church groups, old folks clubs, lunch clubs and the like.

Silver City Surfers is delighted to announce that Graham won a national Digital Hero Award in 2015 for this very successful series of technology information talks.  View the video, produced by TalkTalk, that reflects his work and the work of the charity.

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Month Talk Title Synopsis
Jan 2017 Accessibility Features: Hearing Raising awareness of the accessibility features on computer devices. Beginning with ‘hearing’, we’ll use iPads & iPhones to demonstrate the basics of the built-in hearing loss features that can assist you in every day life.
Dec 2016 The Christmas Quiz This event was cancelled.
Nov 2016 Sounds Digital! Ever wondered how sound can be sent across the internet? How can you get music from digital radio? We’re talking you through it in simple terms.
Oct 2016 North East Sensory Services (NESS) This talk will provide an overview of NESS – how it helps and supports people with poor eyesight and hearing so they can maintain independent living. It will discuss accessibility features built-in to technology.
Sept 2016 Discussion Forums This talk will ask what a discussion forum is, how to get involved, and how they can offer advice, opinions and support. In particular, we will be looking at Gransnet and its partner site Mumsnet. You will love learning about discussion forums.
Aug 2016 Photos! Your iPhone and iPad can take incredible photos. Let’s discover how to get the most out of your camera with auto-focus, exposure & composition, as well as editing tools like cropping, filtering and fine-tuning adjustments. These tips & tricks applies to other devices.
July 2016 Internet Video Calling This talk will demonstrate how to use the Internet to make free video calls and will discuss: Why you would want to use video calling; How easy it is to use; How to use, FaceTime, Skype & Hangouts
June 2016 Healthy Reading Access high quality health information online. Aberdeen City libraries will discuss & demonstrate online resources available through the libraries. Includes accessing heathy reading eBooks, eMagazines & health webpages.
May 2016 What’s in an App? Ever wondered what an App actually is & how it does what it does? Confused by terms such as iOS, Android, CPU and RAM? This talk is for you.
Apr 2016 Facebook Basics What is Facebook and why use it? What can Facebook and social media give you? How do you change privacy settings? These questions are addressed.
Mar 2016 Stay Safe Online Learn how to stay safe online. We will be discussing Internet Security and letting you know what to consider when using the Internet and where the dangers lie.
Feb 2016 How The Web Works A ‘No Fear’ Guide to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Internet Explorer, WiFi, WWW, Google, web browser, Chrome, URL… This talk will explain at a very simple level what the Internet is and how we use it to browse the web.
Jan 2016 Can Technology Help Alleviate Loneliness? We are all lonely some of the time but some people can go days or weeks without having any social interaction. This talk looks at how Technology may be able to help.

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