Information Sessions 2013-14


Month Talk Title Synopsis
August 2014 Best Online Energy Deals How to use comparison websites to find the best energy deal to suit you and then how to change supplier with simply a click.
July 2014 Facebook Basics What is Facebook, how to set up an account, how to use Facebook and staying safe on Facebook.
June 2014 Digital Photo Basics How to upload, edit and share photos on your laptop.
May 2014 Email Basics What email is, why you might want to use it, introduction to email clients, email functionality, a demonstration of email basics.
April 2014 Browser Basics How the Internet and the World Wide Web differ, why you might want to use the WWW, what you can do on the WWW, introduction to Browsers, personalising your browser, Safari and Chrome demonstrations.
March 2014 Internet Telephony What is Internet telephony, why you might want to use it, demonstrations of Skype, Facetime and Hangouts.
Feb 2014 UK Travel Talk How to book hotel accommodation and travel online, demonstration of booking travel and accommodation for a UK short break.
Jan 2014 Library eBook lending Introduction to eBooks, demonstration of using the Public Library eBook lending service.
Dec 2013 Online Shopping What is Internet shopping?, the Internet shopping cycle, preparing to go Internet shopping, setting up a shopping account, marketing and loyalty, shopping at Amazon demonstration.
Nov 2013 Internet Safety Is the Internet that dangerous?, what are the dangers?, introduction to the Internet safety toolbox.
Oct 2013 Take A Tablet What a Tablet computer is, why you might want one, what you can do with a Tablet and Tablet buying advice for the elderly.